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Reduce water consumption by up to 70%.

Reduce environmental impact due to fewer trucks required to move multiple pieces of equipment.

Reduce the risk of equipment and operator harm by eliminating the need for cranes to move and setup the equipment.

Reduce waste by providing a means to recondition and recycle water from drilling mud and waste slurry streams.

Provide a safe working environment for operators by eliminating ladders and utilizing stairs for upper level access.

Less tank cleaning.

Less land spreading required.


Not only is saving water the right thing to do for the environment; it's the right thing to do for your business. The savings gained from reduced waste is one of those variable costs savings that can positively affect your bottom line. At Tecumseh we strive everyday to reflect our core beliefs. We are dedicated, innovative, proud and good global citizens.


Tecumseh Industries was born out of a desire to find a better way. A better way to preserve our most precious resource - water. Our patented technology saves operators time and money by making drilling operations more efficient, without compromising safety or our environment.

We specialize in we specialize in centrifugal equipment and provide a wide breadth of support with our other products and services. We are leading the charge in applying our Solids Control Technology to minimize costs, improve logistics and protect the environment.


This Canadian owned family business was incorporated in 1998. It was then that Rob put his extensive experience working drilling rigs coupled with his Environmental Diploma to good use when he and his team embarked on the challenging course of designing a patented compact one load skid unit for oilfield drilling applications. They wanted to find a way to save operators time and money while making drilling operations more efficient, without compromising safety and our environment. This patented technology is exclusive to Tecumseh and is not available anywhere else.

Rob and his team recognized that industry leaders want to do the right thing, but that it has to make good economical sense to spark interest. Not only is saving water the right thing to do for the environment; it's the right thing to do for their business because of the savings gained from reduced waste needing to be disposed of.

They have helped many companies solve some of their produced water and waste disposal issues with their cutting edge technology. They are leading the charge in applying their Solids Control technology to applications other than oil & gas drilling in order to help reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal and other key environmental challenges we all face today.

This helps Rob and his team sleep at night knowing that their kids will be able to enjoy this precious life blood of our planet for their generation and for generations to come.


There were many reasons for starting Tecumseh and many of them had nothing to do with the business end of things, and everything to do with being part something bigger. Part of a family. Part of the community. And part of a global community.

Rob understands the necessary balance of progress and the importance of the oil and gas industry as it affects everything we do. This natural resource is essential to the livelihood of his family. It allows him to run the ranch that he and his family enjoy near Nanton Alberta. He is surrounded everyday by reminders of why he does what he does. Is it any wonder why the company was named after a ranch that his great grandfather worked on most of his life. Ranching is deeply entrenched in Rob's family history.

Rob chose to set up his manufacturing company in High River. A town surrounded by the Foothills in southern Alberta with a clear and wide view of the Rocky Mountains. This Foothills community is home to many of the folks working at Tecumseh. There is a sense of family among the Tecumseh employees and they endeavor to live by the same principles and core values of their namesake Chief Tecumseh.

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